Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Contract on the flip!

Although the house has been on the market for six weeks, the appliances were not in and the basement did not have the final coat of paint or baseboards. Four days after that was finished, I have an accepted contract. It's still a mystery to me. I don't know if people literally can't imagine appliances in place, etc., or whether it was just cosmic karma that the right person saw it as soon as it was finished. I hear it's a single girl who has been searching for over six months. Well, I always knew it was the best thing on the market, and she must have thought so also. What a big load off my shoulders (if, fingers crossed, it closes without problems). Naturally I still have to go over there tomorrow for a couple of little things; one doorknob not on, one can light fixture without it's decorative ring. Then make sure it's clean and pretty for the inspection.

Now that that's over with I of course have started two new obessions. I bought about $200 worth of jewelry making supplies (to save money, ha, ha, on Christmas gifts). Then I discovered Yahoo games and am trying to break into the Canasta groups. Beginners---I don't think so! They must lurk on the beginner's boards just to eat us real beginners raw. But I am patiently waiting to get better. I just hope I can enjoy the game without my tailbone getting sore from sitting in front of the computer all evening. And I can't play AND sew. The latest "Project Runway" (Season 3) on DVD just arrived from Amazon and I haven't even opened it. Am I getting burned out? I hope not:'s sale is this Saturday. I haven't even cut into the stuff I bought last April at their sale. But winter is coming, slowly but surely. I'll have lots of days when I can just sew, sew, make jewelry, sew, read, play canasta...have I mentioned that I need to go to the pool and get some exercise in? But on a lighter note I did finish my sister's gift for her birthday and our visit there. I made a cute picture album of the time we were there. Those grandchildren are beautiful. I know everyone says this, but they actually were models when they were toddlers and they have gotten even more beautiful every year. I don't really think that's all to the good.

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mamafitz said...

hi carole. my calvin turned 8 in august, and has been doing gymnastics for 3 years. the first year he just did them in summer. he's progressed through the levels pretty quickly (we're pretty sure he's going to move up to pre-team 4 this time). he loves it, and now we are talking about trying to find a place with boys gymnastics. it's a hard decision, because where we go now is only 5 blocks away, and very very reasonable. my mother pays for it for christmas/birthday presents too -- we love those kinds of gifts!