Friday, November 2, 2007

Surprise for Birthday

DH and I flew to Texas to surprise my sister on her birthday. It worked! Everyone knew but her. My neice picked us up at the airport and we went directly to DS store. She was busy and refused to respond to calls to "come to the back, we need you" entreaties from her staff. My brother in law told her he had to stay at home over the weekend for a golf tournament when she tried to get him to go to Dallas. She was mad at him until she found out it was all a ploy to get her to stay in town! Naturally the week was filled with football games, one of the DGD is a cheerleader and the other on the "Pom" team. DH and brother-in-law also took in a Tech game. But we found time for a visit to New Mexico to the "old home place", a very emotional time for me. I was so glad to find it in good shape. The last time I saw it, it was a mess. But the present owner is taking care of it. Hard to believe that the old electrical boxes Dad put out are still there (and probably still work, even though he's been dead for 38 years). And every one of those trees was planted by my mother. Also we ate almost every day at my favorite Mexican place, delicious. Even DH conceded that tacos are not what he thought they were when he eats them in Georgia.

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