Friday, October 19, 2007


I just read an interesting post from someone who is drastically reducing her stash of art supplies and fabric. Like her, I have no interest (or claim such) in having hoards and hoards of "stuff" around me. As I type this, however, I am sitting in my unbelieveably messy office. And my sewing room is filled with fabrics. So, am I just someone who claims to dislike clutter but in reality fills my life with clutter? I find this also applies to my personality. I often speak of "clearing my schedule" but I make HUGE lists of "to do" stuff. And I have so many interests that I would like to pursue "someday". Painting, languages, living in Paris for six months, studying yoga, nutrition, Indian mythology, writing a book...I notice that my son has inheirted this trait. It's easier to see in someone else...I think it comes down from my father's side of the family. So I can blame it on my genes. Now in DH's case (a real hoarder), I blame it on the "Great Depression" syndrome.

My office is filled with books and papers from my real estate life. I'm definitely retiring from that, so I need to take it all down to my office and offer it to some new agent who is just starting the business and will appreciate it (hopefully). But the fabrics: oh, no. Not just yet. They are all still beautiful and classic to me.

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