Saturday, January 19, 2008

How Can I Call Myself Creative?

I'm still working on V8043. I adjusted the muslin, traced it onto pattern paper, and used the new pattern to cut out a fleece version, which will be a "wearable muslin". In describing this process, and the jacket, to my husband, I was detailing the versions I want to make this my turquoise faux suede, in the camel faux suede, and, when I have it down pat, in the expensive wool I got from Michael's Fabrics in Baltimore. Well, it occurs to me that it is very nice to have a TNT jacket and all that, but how many times do I really want to make the same pattern? Have I no creativity, or is it that I am just still such a "weenie" that I want to make something I really know how to do?

And on another note, it snowed AGAIN today. Wow!

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Anonymous said...

Not a weenie at all! I just made the same skirt pattern twice in one day. One long denim / school teacher-y version and one knee length chocolate brown with turquoise venice lace at the waist and lining. Why? Well, because I want to tweak the pattern until I'm 1000% happy with it and then use it for the skirt of a dress I am thinking about. So there. We can be two peas in a pod with whoever else wants to join!