Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vogue 8043

I'm working on a muslin for this jacket so I can A) check the fit and B)understand the basic construction details. I have some leftover fleece; I will make a wearable muslin from it first. This jacket has a lot of couture details that I will not tackle until I have made it two or three more times, as I am sure I will. I love the styling and the endless possibilities. As for the grey jacket I was moaning about in my previous post, I decided that I really am not the type of person to have UFOs in my sewing room. I posted my "rustling" problem to the wonderful people at Artisan's Square and they came up with the answer. Sometimes I am just an idiot. The "Wonder Under" has a paper backing for ironing onto the fashion fabric, which is meant to be removed after ironing.. Uh huh.

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