Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Blah

It does seem that I use this blog to record all my daily frustrations and anxieties. It's a shame that is what I seem to focus on. It started out as a wonderful day: early spring. Cool, but not cold, flowers and trees blossoming, grass is greening. I did my morning stretches and usual chores and then decided to go to the pool. There is a class called "water walking" which is mostly old ladies. I scorned it for years but now find myself one of those old ladies and am grateful for mild excercise. As usual at the pool, I loved the relaxation and destressing. When I got home, however, I realized that my latest bugaboo, "sinus infection" has seemed to reassert itself via a headache just between my eyes. I have had this thing for a couple of months now and it is beaten back a little by the doctor's medications, but apparently it is not completely conquered. It leaves me Blah, hence the title of this post. Adding to my misery I had an insulting offer on my little Fawn Lane property, which I chose not to respond to. How irritating buyers are these days! And newbie realtors. This market, in this town, is not in distress although the media is full of doom and gloom regarding the housing market. I have often wondered if the stockbrokers have some sort of mystical hold on the media, never having heard of any good news about the investment value of real estate in my life. Then came even worse news as Harold arrived in a tizzy about our taxes, which we owe money on. Neither of us has any, and of course that led to the old argument about how, if he didn't have that enormous, expensive boat we would not be short of cash. Bleah. I can only hope I can hold out (my pocketbook, that is) until this investment house sells...

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