Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vogue 8141 with Bling

One reason I can never enter a SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) is that there is a time limit on finishing your garments. Of course this is not mandatory, and the idea is to get everyone sewing with some sort of color coordination. But the self imposed limit of time is something I would feel I have failed at if I didn't finish on time. This top is an example. I started it with the full intention of taking it to the beach last week...finished it tonight. Doesn't it look beachy? To say nothing of the fact that a palm tree is the South Carolina symbol. However, it was a little too cold to wear it anyway. The other problem with the SWAP thing is that everyone seems to be such a better seamstress than I am. This is a very simple little cotton knit top. My idea of couture details is to add the "bling". But at least I'm sewing! I went shopping for the first time in awhile with the girls at the beach. I probably made a complete nuisance of myself as I kept exclaiming "$60 for an outlet price! This little skirt doesn't even have a yard and a half of cotton in it!" It made me determined to kick up my sewing skills for sure. I am going to tackle a lapped zipper some time this year for sure! Maybe even inseam pockets!