Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Fabric Fairy Disappointed Me

I received the fabric about which I posted a couple of days ago. It is not very nice. The larger paisley print, advertised in the knits section, is really just a cotton poplin. The print is too large for pants, and the fabric is too stiff for a top, so I don't know what to make of it. I'll wash it and see if it softens up a bit. The other, which really is a knit, feels sort of cheap. Washing may help there also. I've never been disappointed before by ordering fabric online, but The Fabric Fairy is not somewhere I'll order from again!

On the other hand, I'm not being very conservative about spending my money--before the closing next week. It is kind of funny how my next purchase came about. For staging the flip house I found a serindipitous sofa at the city dump! Because of the venue, no man would take it seriously. The contractor put his dirty wood on it, the painter dripped around it, it was used to store tools, etc. But by the time I finally got around to brushing it up a bit and the room was finished, it is actually a very handsome navy blue velour sofa in a classic, casual style. So I wanted to keep it--I told Harold it is really nicer than the sofa we have in the family room and WAY nicer than the one in the basement (his game room, my sewing room). That sofa is from the "Mediterranian" period of the 80s, a style that was in vogue for about three hours. But of course, being a man, and especially a man like Harold, a sofa that came from the dump just could not be brought into our house. Knowing my dilemma, and being a woman herself, my daughter-in-law gave me a call tonight. I was lounging comfortably in my pajamas while Harold is safely away at the boat. The Boy Scouts are having a garage sale and she wanted me to race over before the event and look at a sofa (and love seat, and lounge chair) that had been donated. So I am now the proud owner of all three. Never mind that the color of the love seat and sofa are nothing like the curtains. Never mind that I have no idea of how to fit an extra piece (the love seat) into the room---never mind that Harold will have a conniption fit---I'm getting a "new" sofa!

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