Monday, April 21, 2008

TNT pants finished

I just finished reading an entry in Carolyn's blog about TNT patterns. A very fast and accomplished sewer, Carolyn uses TNT patterns all the time and has certainly made a convert out of me! I finished a pair of my TNT pants (Kwik Sew) tonight. I've made them up as pajamas, as sweat pants, and as dress pants. These are a black linen/poly with white embroidery. They probably make me look like an elephant! I'll try to get a picture when I wear them. They were pressed within an inch of their life because they are slightly off grain. I hadn't bought enough fabric and had to manuever the pattern just a bit. If I like them enough when I wear them, I may have to send them to the cleaners just because they take so much time to press. Anyway, they were still slightly damp from the steam and I want them thoroughly dry before I wear them...which may not be until Thursday dinner with the girls. And on that note: going out like that makes me want to sew all the more. How well I remember years ago when my husband and I belonged to a bowling league. For some reason I got into an unspoken competition with another of the girls to see who could wear the cutest outfits. I made something new every week just to show off! Guess I need that kind of inner goal.

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