Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yes! Finale on Flip...(probably).

The buyers have agreed to the radon solution. I think that's the last HUGE hurdle. The house still has to appraise, but I'm not really worried about that. Then I need to take care of the many other, smaller problems. Harold and I spent most of this afternoon over there. He is invaluable. He can do a lot of things: changed out the flapper on the (new!) toilet; removed some old piping that was useless but made the inspector question it; install GFCI outlets. A couple of electrical problems are beyond his abilities due to his health (requires crawling up around in the attic) so I'm hoping his son will realize the time constraint I'm under and get 'er done. My contractor is coming next Friday for the day to take care of most of the rest. So, I need to organize the chimney sweep, the gas guy, the power company, grouting..seems like I need to make yet another list. No sewing for me for awhile! In a couple of days Harold is set to have all his bottom teeth removed. I am sure the chemotherapy was the culprit, although the doctor says not. During his recovery I will be at home all day. I wonder if I can get a few things accomplished...sewing?

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