Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why Blog (Part 2)

According to Carolyn's sewing blog, this is why she blogs: "I blog to have an ongoing conversation with like-minded souls in the blogosphere. I can ramble on about what I love to do and others can read or not read - its their choice…however it gives me a platform to share my sewing dreams, aspirations, garments and thoughts on sewing.

So its like a virtual sewing circle and my blog allows me to have my turn to say what I'm thinking during the course of the conversation. As with all things, you may or may not agree with may think I'm a nut (*LOL*) but you politely read and leave shaking your head...or you comment because you agree or have another point of view (which I love btw because it continues the conversation) and sometimes you are really kind and you gush excitedly about something I'm sewing or I've made or a new sewing toy or adventure I'm taking.

However, all of it just makes me feel like a part of this wonderful sewing community and I enjoy the moment I get to "Have my Say!"

And I thoroughly agree!

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