Friday, June 6, 2008

Back From Vacation

My sister and I visited DS and family last week. DGD was five years old! What a great time we had. Of course, we had to look at some real estate...a foreclosure is available down the block from him. They are debating seriously about buying it; it's a larger home and needs some serious work, so quite a bargain! I was happy Aunt Marilyn was there to take some of the pressure off me. A five year old and an eight year old, plus a new puppy, is a lot of noise and running around. Makes me feel really, really old! And she is older than I am: but we tag teamed and did just fine. It was a wonderful visit but I won't lie and pretend I wasn't ready to come home to my quiet life, my friends, and my sewing machine! After seeing pictures of me during the visit I'm glad I went to the pool today and have a hair appointment tomorrow. I have also committed to a sewing retreat (here in town, yea!) to make a sloper for a button front blouse. So I am ready for the next step up in my sewing life. What's funny about the retreat is, the very first garment I ever attempted (I was a freshman in high school) was a button front blouse. It turned out very cute. I hope I have the same luck now.

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