Monday, June 9, 2008


ASG stands, of course, for American Sewing Guild. I belong to the Marietta chapter and went to a meeting tonight. I had to explain why it has been several months: I don't like to drive in the dark (winter). I neglected to add "and I'm lazy". But as usual, once I went I enjoyed it. One of the things we do is "show and tell". I wore my green V8151 tee with the embellished palm tree on it, and everyone said they liked has a bust dart. The more I look at other tee patterns, the less I like them. I think even small busted women probably can use a bust dart for a better fit. Anyway, while there I signed up for a blouse sloper pattern class and just ordered a classic blouse pattern from Peggy Sagers. Whew! If I can learn to make that one, button holes, lapels and all, I will consider myself very accomplished. Now I have a use for that silk I bought at A Fabric Place while in Baltimore. And this fall we're having a fabric swap, so I can pawn off that terrible stuff from Fabric Fairy. Although I did recommend the site to a couple of women at the meeting who were looking for children's fabrics.


laurie said...

ASG is a great organization to belong to as you is a wonderful way to meet others who love to sew. I love the American Sewing Guild and it is wonderful that you have connected back with your chapter in Marietta, GA. I could not see the picture. I love Peggy Sagers and have alot of her patterns and I have taken her classes at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, WA and also at the ASG conference last year in Sacramento. I am taking a class from Peggy at the ASG conference in Chicago.

I am the president of the Bend OR ASG chapter and we have a show and tell at each meeting also and it is so much fun to see what others have made. You can see our latest newsletter on the ASG website. I had a great time the conference last year in Sacramento and it was my first time going. Our chapter will be 2 yrs old in August, and we got our charter in April. I am looking forward to going to Chicago and I am busy working on my outfit for ASG pattern day.

I also make clothes for the 15"-18" dolls so I am going to make a trip to the American Girl store on Thursday morning as I have some free time.

By the way, I found you because I get google alerts on ASG. I posted a comement to your sewing room entry.


Sew Whats New said...

Mia, I loved hearing about your ASG ties. I'm past president of the Placerville, CA Chapter. We have 19 Neighborhood Groups that meet each month and many workshops and events throughout the year. Laurie from Bend told me about Google Alerts and now I see all the comments about ASG that are posted on the web. It is great to hear what others are doing. Show and Tell is a highlight of every meeting. You made me think about tee patterns. Of course I have V8151 in my stash! Now I will move it to the top of the "to do" list. I love Sandra Betzina patterns and Connie Crawford's Butterick patterns. I have been fortunate enough to have taken workshops with both of these designers. You can see our chapter newsletter on the web site in the Members Only section. Marcia

laurie said...

Mia, I am glad that Marcia posted a note to you,as she is a wonderful lady and truly an inspiration to everyone in ASG as is her chapter. I met Marcia at the American Sewing Guild conference last year in Sacramento and she has become a special friend and mentor to me as shared her wealth of knowledge of being president of a ASG chapter. Please do take a look at the Placerville newsletter as it is wonderful. I love looking at and receiving the other ASG newsletters. I have also had the privilege of taking classes from Sandra Betzina and Connie Crawford also. I, however do not have the Vogue pattern you mentioned but I do have others that Sandra has been done but it is my too be done pile as is some of Connie's Butterick patterns. Take care and it is great to meet
another fellow ASG'er.