Sunday, June 15, 2008

More On June Capsule Contest

I look irritated in this picture. Some of the ladies on Stitcher's Guild have been remarking on how they are now taking pictures of their garments rather than relying on the mirror to assess the fit. I need to take pictures in order to assess my facial expressions! But this is part of my new plan for the June Capsule Contest. I don't like the fit of the "berry" pants and am not crazy about the newest fabric I chose for one of the tops. I will finish the top because it's the Jalie Sweetheart top, which I love (in the pictures, and good reviews). But I think it will be a muslin, because really it's a poly/jersey and not good for summer, anyway. I have plenty, believe me plenty of other fabrics that will go with these pink pants. Moving on!

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