Sunday, July 6, 2008

Planning Ahead (?)

I've noticed that my mind skitters away from planning my future. When I was young, it was easy. I've always had goals in mind, and usually Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. Of course, life threw me curveballs and not many things turned out to be any of my plans. But planning has always given me comfort. I felt as if I at least was thinking about my life and it's direction. However, as I age it's not so easy. There are plenty of websites about planning for retirement, but most are pretty basic. Be sure you have enough money, plan to do something you enjoy. There are even websites about where to retire. In the past I started with the endgame. Where do I want to be? But now, unfortunately, the endgame seems to be a nursing home. That I am sure I don't want. My mother died in her own little apartment, for sure it was in a semi-assisted living situation: her own little kitchen, living room, bedroom set up. I don't see that as too bad. But to be wasting away, ill and in pain, no. So the plan is to purchase a condo and/or a little home in a retirement community. The Villages in Florida has always appealed to me because of the lifestyle choices they offer. Meanwhile, of course, my family lives in Baltimore. Understanding that this future I envision is years away, I still fuss about the possibilities. I try to remember that my life right now is extremely enjoyable and try to cherish each day for what it offers. But in the back of my mind is always this little urge to plan, plan...

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