Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sewing in July

Now that August has arrived I plan to enter the sew along sponsered in the Artisan's Square blog group. The brief is to make one or more garments to coordinate with my existing wardrobe. This top, made in July, was not part of the July sew along, which brief was to coordinate with the June Capsule Contest. My JCC consisted of pink and berry colors, so of course this top did not qualify. The current garment on my sewing table is a red slinky knit shell and cardigan, which will not coordinate with the pink, or the berry, or the turquoise. Next up is to finish the burgandy silk blouse which I worked on for my fitting class. None of these fit the August brief. So I have certainly identified a problem with my wardrobe. I like colorful tops, but apparently they don't all have to be in the same colorway. I do have lots and lots of grey fabrics, so my plan is to make pants and at least one skirt. Then I can claim that things DO coordinate! (Maybe.)

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