Thursday, September 11, 2008


I'm dogsitting for a friend for a few weeks. This little one had a hard life, as you can see by the fact she has only one eye, and four teeth, left after being heavily abused. My friend rescued her, but she's ill right now. She went on vacation and left the dog in the care of her grandson, but I think, as a teenager, he was too lazy to take her out. Plus Amber seems not to care too much for him. So I offered to take care of Amber until my friend is better. Naturally I've fallen in love, and I'm vain enough to think it's mutual. She won't leave my side. Of course I've been spoiling her with long walks and lots of good food. She is so much fun and so perky around me, but she still doesn't like strangers or loud noises. She has come down to the sewing room with me a couple of times. The cat, meanwhile, is keeping her distance!

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