Friday, September 5, 2008

More fabric...not more fabric? More fabric!

Tomorrow I'm set to go off with some sewing friends from my local ASG chapter. We're going down to Gail K's to shop, then off to lunch. I have taken to keeping a list of projects right by my computer to remind me of HOW MUCH FABRIC I already have, so I have great plans to buy nothing but maybe some lining tomorrow. We'll see. Right now I'm still working on the grey jacket. I am constructing the lining for it. Although I have read up on bagging a lining, I still think I'll do it my way...sewing everything on the machine except the hem. Standard bagging technique has you sewing everything except part of the side seam, then turning the outside of the jacket through that opening. But it seems my hems never really match up, so I will leave that open and turn the jacket through the bottom. Then I'll let the jacket hang for a day or two before hand hemming. Hopefully it will work. I am beginning to really dislike this outfit. A pity that I am so impatient, I should stick to cheaper fabrics if I can't stand the fussy work. Of course it doesn't help that I still have a lot of trouble with my serger and just gave up on using it.

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