Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Grey Jacket

After finishing up the "Rogue's Cape" and vest for DGS birthday (and I hope I get some pictures of him in it, because I really didn't take pictures of it finished) I got to work on a grey suit. A friend's daughter died unexpectedly, and I had nothing suitable to wear to a funeral. I only got the grey six gore skirt done, which was perfectly fine to wear with a white blouse and muted scarf for a funeral in Georgia in August. In fact I could go off on a rant here, because some wore jeans! However, one must remember they were clean jeans, and the people were at least kind and caring enough to show up. Meanwhile, I raced to finish the jacket but it was not to be, so for the last few evenings I've been working on finishing it. It's Vogue 8043 and I am trying to make it a TNT pattern, with some limited success. It's the same pattern as the "upholstry jacket" which languishes unfinished, now with the "spring and summer" fabrics. This one is still too boxy, so for the next I plan to curve the seams in even more. In this picture the buttons are pinned on to see if I like them with it. The entire outfit will include a pair of pants in the same fabric, of which I seem to have purchased about 5 or six yards. Fortunately I like the fabric and it's easy to work with, except the seams ravel like crazy. I've finally been forced to rethread my serger....

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