Thursday, August 28, 2008

Alligators In The Stream

I used to wake up smiling and refreshed, and I was optimistic all day long. I knew it was because I had great dreams. Last night I had one of those terrible nightmares that don't make much sense and you feel helpless to control. It was about waves of countless alligators. I remember that I strangled two, but I was unable to kill them and so they were gone later but I knew they would return. Well, alligators are a simple metaphor for me. It's a real estate term for having too much rental housing debt (feeding the alligator). I don't have any such debt, in fact all my debt is managable. It's my other problems that apparently my subconcious is trying to tell me are multiplying beyond my ability to handle them. In the dream, I remember being in a house on stilts above this river of alligators, which seems to imply that I'm safe for now---but how to get out? I'll have to think about it. But at least now I know why I'm always so tired all day. I spend my nights fighting alligators.

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