Saturday, October 4, 2008

McCall's 5668

I want this pattern. One of the ladies at Stitcher's Guild has made it up in a home dec fabric. I have several lengths of home dec fabric that I have purchased for jackets and have made two so far. But the Vogue pattern still doesn't satisfy me. This one, with no buttons or overlap at the front, is much more my style. I have been making some quick and easy stuff to get over the hard work on the gray jacket, pants, and skirt that I just finished; plus I need something to cover up my bathing suit when I get out of the pool. I have a couple of things for summer, but now that it's fall I need a little heavier fabric because I wear the wet suit home (at least until it gets really cold). But this pattern is definitely on my radar. Next week is the warehouse sale and now I have an excuse to go---cheap fabric for a couple of muslins!

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