Sunday, October 5, 2008

V8512 giving me fits

I've been working on the Very Easy Vogue for a couple of days. The "Not So" Very Easy part comes from a) cutting it WAY too big; b) not having enough fabric for the way too big part, so chopping around, necessitating "decorative" topstitched seams in the sleeves; c) trying, and failing, to put non stretch satin as a neck facing on a stretch terry top. Sigh. I only want to wear this to the pool, so I am looking at it as a wearable muslin. However, I still hate to unpick stitches! I will wear it as a pool cover-up, but I'll never be happy with it. I will make it again in an inexpensive fabric before I ever cut into good stuff, that's for sure!

1 comment:

Summerset said...

Just chalk it up to a "learning experience" and try again another time. At least you can still wear it to the pool.