Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Gifts (part 1)

I play canasta with a group of ladies every Friday. Since money is a little tight for us this year I came up with what I think is a cute idea for Christmas gifts. I had searched the internet for gifts related to Canasta, but without luck. So I went to Target this afternoon and bought some inexpensive small notebooks, the kind we use to keep score. I downloaded (no doubt illegally) some Maxine cartoons and changed the captions to reflect things we do during play (one of the cutest has Maxine at a refrigerator. I changed the caption to say: "While everyone is playing canasta, I'm eating their lunches.") Then I resized the cartoons and printed them on full sheet label paper, which sticks to the whole front of the notebook. I'll take these down to my sewing room and look for some suitable scrap material to make small purselike covers that would also hold a couple of packs of cards (from the dollar store) and a pen. This should all come to about $5 per person, which I consider quite a triumph!
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