Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and Beyond

I drove Harold, Rob, and Carolyn Taylor about two hours north of Atlanta to the famous (at least in Georgia) Dillard House for Thanksgiving Dinner. The food was out of this world good and the ambiance very nice. Unfortunately, it was "first come, first serve" and we had to wait two hours, a little too long for Harold. Then, on the way home, we took a look at some property Rob is buying. We got lost for awhile, but I never mind that as it is an opportunity to explore. We passed through the most charming little town I've seen in quite awhile, Clarksville, Georgia. I'd like to go back and take a leisurely look one day. The Taylors are moving to Oregon in a couple of weeks, so I thought that was the last I'd see of them for who knows how long. However, the very next day Carolyn called and invited us to a birthday dinner for Rob! I was quite proud that I had taken a good picture of them in front of the fireplace at the restaurant, and with Photoshop, a frame I already had, and a software for making cards, we didn't even have to leave the house to come up with a nice last-minute birthday present. Unfortunately, no more had we sat down at the table than Harold announced he had forgotten to bring his meds so we had to get up and leave. They very kindly fixed some paper plates full of food so we didn't go hungry. But I see that DH is fading a little more each week. A little forgetfullness, a little irritability, a little less energy, a little less interest.

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