Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Before and After

I'm excited about the new, spacious look of the master bedroom. Once the heavy old furniture was removed and the walls painted ice blue, I've almost finished painting the new dresser (the mirror is yet to be hung, it weighs a ton). New lamps and floating shelves instead of the heavy end tables will complete the look. I leave day after tomorrow for a Texas visit, so the bedroom must remain unfinished for now. Once I complete the room I have sewing plans. My wrist is recovered enough for that, and when I went to my ASG meeting Monday evening I was inspired to get going again. My sister will probably send me home with clothes from her store and I still haven't made the coordinating items to go with the jackets she sent last time I visited! I have been very good about not adding to my stash while not sewing. The next time I really plan to splurge is a trip I'm planning for the fall to Baltimore (Michael's Fabrics) or, if I really want excitement, New York!!

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