Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Home Dec Accomplishments

Although I haven't really done a lot recently I am pretty pleased with what I have managed to accomplish only two months after I fractured my wrist. The new curtains are up in the family room and the bureau is almost finished; imagine my chagrin when I realized the bottom drawers have longer pulls than the top drawers. So that's on the shopping list. I've also purchased new lamps for the bedroom, and a new dining room table and chairs. Harold's son and his wife are coming today or tomorrow to take out the set that Harold owned and left to them, and I can hardly wait to see the new set. It's the first I've ever purchased entirely on my own so I feel like a college grad just setting out in her first new apartment (although I'm not sure any college grad is anxious to get a new dining room set.) Those chairs in the top picture also belong to Junior, they just can't find space right now. Something else to look forward to choosing for my own taste! Painting the bedroom is next on my list. I have unfinished projects in every room of the house, so garment sewing is way on the bottom of my "to do" list.

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