Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Petite Plus Patterns

I've lost the back pattern piece to my beloved V8151, so I decided to try the Petite Plus tee shirt. It's not for me, without some massive alterations. It's at least four inches too wide and the shoulders need some narrowing as well. I also don't like the length of the sleeves. All these are easy fixes. I intend to take this shirt in tomorrow.

I was watching "Oprah" yesterday and they had on a fitness guru, whose website has a test to get your virtual age. I'm not mentioning this website as I was not pleased. Of course before you get the results you have to submit your email, and I get plenty of junk there already. Anyway, my virtual age is four years older than I actually am. This is due, according to the site, to my weight and the fact that I don't do enough strength training. Now I swim three or four times a week and take a line dance class twice a week; but no, that's not enough for them. So today I went to the Smyrna senior center. I love that place, it's where my swimming pool (indoor, heated) is located. They have a new fitness center attached, and for $10 per month I can work out on all these great machines. The question is, will I do it? I really feel I work out plenty. And, although I certainly can stand to lose 30pounds, I AM on a diet, get plenty of rest, take vitamins, and eat healthy foods (except for the chocolate). I hate to think of some people I know who do none of those things......

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Cynthia said...

You can put a request for the missing pieces on They have thousands of partial patterns, and readers also contribute pieces for copying to help complete your pattern.