Monday, August 17, 2009

Taking the plunge

I'm painting the brick in my family room. It's a big, scary step for me because once it's done there is no going back. Next up, the can just imagine what a difference it will make in brightening up the room. Of course, I'm doing all of this (new roof, new driveway, new kitchen, new master bath, painting and redecorating bedrooms, etc.) in order to put my house on the market next spring. It's occured to me to wonder why I do this to myself. I always live in a construction zone, as if I feel I don't deserve to have a really nice house and actually live in it for awhile. Once a house is finished and gorgeous, I must put it up for sale. This one, of course, is way too big and too expensive for me now that I'm widowed. My plan is to buy a little bungelow--but of course it must be in terrible shape. Maybe that one I'll renovate right away and enjoy the fruits of my labors for a change. Who knows?

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