Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ballroom Dancing Class

I won't pretend I'll ever be a candidate for the TV show "Dancing With the Stars" but I've enjoyed ballroom dancing for a number of years. When I was married, my husband was good at "Bar room dancing" but never could unlearn what he knew in order to learn how to do many of the steps...although he did a very nice waltz. Now that I'm widowed I've decided to get back into dancing, in a mild kind of way. I'm lucky that there are a number of classes and practices for senior citizens here in my city. One of the ladies in the class begged me to go with her to an old favorite dance a few weeks ago and I was astonished at how many people I knew from years ago that were still attending. There's another dance this Friday night---there's a dance somewhere almost every weekend---but I declined. Something about being single again, only this time with white hair. Quite a comedown from being asked to dance every dance to dancing just once in awhile. But I still go to class; the excercise is wonderful and there is something about the pattern of a dance that appeals.

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