Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Couple of Projects Finished

Here's the sweater and pants I made at the sewing retreat. I always learn the hard way, and this sweater was no exception. I arrived at the retreat with the sweater knit but no stabilizing material, no walking foot, zip. After the first try-on, where the hem was nearly at my knees, the sleeves 8 inches too long, and the shoulders about the same, I borrowed some seam tape and tried again. Still no joy. So when I got home I unpicked the sleeves, took off inches from the shoulders, stabilized everything but the hem, and put it back together. As you can see, the hem is still wonky and needs to be fixed---somehow.
I also took a wide angle view to show my home dec work. I personally painted the bedroom, covered the headboard, and made the matching pillow. I like it!

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Summerset said...

The sweater is now wearable and you did learn something! The bedroom is lovely - nice and serene and calming.