Wednesday, February 17, 2010


My mourning period for Nina is far from over, but life goes on. I played tennis today in bright (but cold) sunshine and reflected that the concentration required to play a decent game is great therapy for grief. I also have to get back to my SWAP to have some clothes for the cruise I'm planning in March. If I can sew up all this material it will be a minor miracle, but I've made a start (top picture). The turquoise printed linen in the middle of the bottom picture is the centerpiece for the collection. I'll be making Louise Cutting's ABO jacket out of it, pants from the matching linen at the top of the pictures, shorts and tee shirt of the turquoise knit at the bottom of the picture, two tees out of the bright pink and pink/blue print, a tee/shorts combo of the purple, and a beach coverup/casual dress of the completely unrelated coral knit that I just happened to like. I also have some citron linen blend for pants and a sparkly jacket---must have my bling---and I'll be bringing a couple of dressy pants and long skirt in slinky knit. This ought to cover me for 11 days!
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