Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blue "Polo" fabric

This is a very heavily cropped photo because the fabric has much less stretch on the crossgrain than I anticipated, and therefore the top is too tight. I'll have to unpick the seams and open it up as much as possible, and it still might not be wearable. Too bad, because I've already made the matching shorts and it could be a cute cruise outfit. On a related note, our ASG group made croquis last Monday. What a shocker, and for my eyes only. I'm hoping they help with my sewing choices, though, as that's the idea and why I humiliated myself by having myself photographed in my underwear. Croquis, if you don't recognize the term, are line drawings of the body used as a kind of guide to one's actual proportions in order to avoid (in my case) ever wearing a form fitting tee shirt such as the one pictured here.
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