Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fabric of Doom

Have you ever, before you even cut into the fabric, known a project is doomed? I'm planning to make New Look 6352, a very simple dress, to wear on the cruise and double as a swimsuit cover-up. However, the selvedges of the fabric curl very aggressively and the fabric will not lay straight on the grain (it's a beefy knit). I've used an obsene amount of pins on the selvedge---yes, that is an antique milk glass bowl I'm using to hold my modest little pins, but what else would I do with it? And no, I haven't pressed it yet. My style of sewing is full speed ahead. Although I must admit I just looked at the new Coldwater Creek catalogue and was shocked, I tell you shocked, at the prices for a little tee shirt or pair of pants. So perhaps I will go back and press that fabic after all. A similar dress in the CC catalogue was $99, and I have about $25 invested in the fabric.
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Gorgeous Things said...

I haven't tried this myself yet - I pretty much just soldier through with weights to hold the curl down with some knits. BUT, I have heard from multiple folks that they have good luck using hair spray on the curly edges of the selvage to keep it down. It might be worth a try on a small piece before you cut.