Thursday, May 6, 2010

No pictures, no camera, no blogging

I haven't posted for quite awhile, not because I haven't been sewing---I was, but because I've been a bit overwhelmed lately.  First, I am having a little trouble typing on my new computer's keyboard, so that's a hassle.  Second, I lost my camera.  Third, I'm leaving day after tomorrow for a little vacation combined with PR weekend in Philly.  And finally, my basement flooded again.  This is getting beyond annoying.  It's exhausting to clean up several inches of dirty water filling my whole basement, and doing it entirely by myself.  I took the foot pedals of my serger and sewing machine  to be checked out as they were underwater for who knows how many hours.  After sweeping water out the doors for nearly an entire day I was left with several blisters on my feet, so I only mopped the sewing area with Clorox and I'm just leaving the rest until I get back.  I have managed to fashion a Rube Goldberg basket, lining it with mesh meant for gutters.  I hope that will work to hold back the debris that clogs the drain, which is what leads to the flooding.  Obviously the two filters I had on the drain failed to work last time, so now I have three filters, and this last one is quite large.  I also intend to be much more proactive about policing the area.  But the upshot of this whole week has made me realize how much I want to sell this house and move to something much easier to keep.

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a little sewing on the side said...

Wow, enough is enough! I hope you are able to sell it before too long. Sounds like a big ole mess.