Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My son visited  me over the weekend and did tons of work.  He set me up on DH's old computer but I can't seem to get the keyboard to work properly;  all of a sudden my cursor will jump backwards or randomly.  I don't know what key I'm hitting wrong but I hope to get the gist of it soon.  I've also lost my camera so I couldn't take pictures of all the progress, but he accomplished so much in such a short time.  It's getting easier to live in this house as I make it more my style and less an accommodation of DH 's stuff and mine.  Yesterday I found two boxes of recipes---small little tin card files with carefully handwritten recipes.  I'll give them to DH's son as I hope they will appreciate someone's work.  I appreciate the care and time taken, but I don't want to store them and can't stand that sort 'of clutter.  Meanwhile during this post the cursor has jumped at least a dozen times so I think I'll quit rambling and shut this down.

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