Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Dancing, Less Sewing, or WTH?

Another dance tonight---that makes 2 per week.  Yesterday I stayed in, watched a marathon of NCIS, my current favorite TV show, and worked on the Heart's A Flutter shell.  It's almost finished and I hope to wear it to my ASG meeting tomorrow night.  Meanwhile, back to the dance and the WTH (or, what the heck?).  I really got back into ballroom for a number of reasons, the major one being exercise.  I started by doing a friend a favor.  Rob is going through a divorce and, because he was a dear friend of my late husband I decided he should not sit home and mope.  Besides, he's a good dancer.  So I introduced him to a girlfriend who is interested in dancing and goes to a lot of them.  I decided to tag along to see how my skills have languished.  I assumed because I'm an overweight, white-haired woman I would sit on the sidelines and watch.  Imagine my astonishment to find that several old friends I used to dance with are still going to these things, and I actually get asked to dance often enough that my feet hurt tonight!   One old buddy I ran into tonight said we looked like spring chickens next to some of the people there.  I actually danced with a man that I'm looking forward to seeing again---because he flew 26 missons over Germany during WWII.  Yes, I guess I'm pretty young for some of the group, lol.

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