Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thanks, Kenneth King

I finished the pink slinky dress that I made as a kind of wearable muslin to go dancing in.   Thanks to my seminar with Kenneth King during the PR weekend, I decided to embelish the neckline.  I had some trim, but didn't like it as it was, so I cut around the lower part.  I left the top part as is in order to help define the neckline.  The dress is OK, but not spectacular.  Nevertheless I feel that I've taken a big step forward in my dancing wardrobe aspirations.

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Audrey said...

You've actually sewn something from the fabric you bought in Philly! All I have done is fold and pat mine. A dancing dress would be a wonderful garment to trim. I never would have thought to cut off the bottom of an embroidered ribbon trim like you did. Clever! I hope this dress is bringing you a step closer to that ideal dancing dress you described to us.