Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More construction

I've lived in construction zones since I divorced my first husband and was, rather suddenly, a poor single parent. My late husband hated change so in deference to him I actually lived for over eight years without a single major change in my house--a record! However since he died a year and a half ago I've fallen back into my old habits. This picture is of my contractors tearing apart the master bath. Begone, baby blue tile! Also, unfortunately, goodbye to the large walk in closet in the hallway. Now to decide between a huge luxury shower or a big soaking tub. No room for both.

I am sewing also. I'm working on a gored skirt with godets, perfect for dancing except that the waist has to be so huge to accomodate me. Tomorrow I expect a visit from a friend who wants me to whip up a perfectly fitting pants pattern (she doesn't sew, obviously) and I'll try my best to keep my temper.
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