Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saving Bambi

I spent this weekend with friends who have a home at Lake Arrowhead. It's a gorgeous, serene place with a killer view of the lake. We were down at their dock when we heard pitiful cries. Turns out that somehow two fawns were abandoned by their mother. The guy in the photo was one of a group of college kids staying next door and they had managed to capture one of the fawns yesterday, and this one today. They had taken the first fawn to a rescue place but  had been partying too much to make a second trip.  I was so happy to see the little thing, and we quickly made an appointment with "Immediate Animal Rescue" who was true to his business name and arranged to meet us at a location about an hour away. We popped little Bambi in the backseat of my car and took her to her new home. The rescue guy told us he currently had four fawns living at his place and he keeps them until they voluntarily jump his four foot high fence and take off into the woods behind his home. He knows a lot about fawns and I'm so happy to have a good ending for this beautiful little creature.
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