Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Heart's A Flutter

In person, this looks a lot better. Onlywhen seeing it in the photo did I realize that I should have cut the lower band on the bias. But that is exactly how I learn; I do everything wrong the first time. I call my education a very expensive one! I have been sewing about an hour or two nearly every day, but not posting about it because it's really not super exciting stuff. As usual, with my sewing, I've made a pair of lightweight denim pants (fabric bought at Philly PR weekend for $2/yard). They are really cute, with copper colored stripes. But I don't really have a top to go with them. I'm going to check my fabric crayons in the hope I have a copper colored one. I'll make a plain white top and add a little copper embelishment. This HAF top has fushia linen blend fabric just waiting for the pants to be made. They're up next.
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