Sunday, June 27, 2010

Heart's Shell

This is the "Heart's A Flutter" shell which I cut according to my bust measurement. As you can see, it hangs on me. It fits well at the neckline but the shoulders are a little wide and the sides are ridiculously wide, even though I graded it down about 2 inches per side. It also is a little long. Fortunately, too big is better than too small, so I will take off the band, shorten the bodice, add some darts in the back, and cut off another two inches per side. This really means redrafting the whole pattern. People often say that pattern designers draft their patterns per their personal body type and Louise is a big boned, tall lady, whereas I am a small-boned, petite woman. Still, I love the pattern and am willing to put effort into it to make it work for me. I've already got several more of these tops planned for me, as they are pefect for Georgia in July! I've also drafted my TNT pattern to make it a shade more closely fitting as my friends all agreed my pants were too "baggy".
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