Monday, September 6, 2010

Butterick sheath dress

I think I'm finally learning how to fit the upper torso and where to alter patterns successfully. Thanks to my recent visit to the Couture Sewing Group here in Atlanta, the ladies there made me realize I was using a pattern based on my bust size and I'm not as big in the shoulders and upper chest---or even in the waist and hips---as I thought. I'm still so much larger than I used to be, or want to be, that I overestimated the size I actually am. I'm not able to get a delay on my camera even though I've followed the instructions faithfully. I think that function doesn't work, so I'm forced to hold the camera. This does not allow for a full length picture due to the constraints of the mirror I have. The length is good, though. Stitcher's Guild, my favorite online sewing site, has a big discussion going on about proportions, so I've given a good deal of thought to the right hem length for me. I finished this dress yesterday just in time for a dance last night and got several compliments.

My birthday's Wednesday and I have quite a week lined up. Last night a dance; today dinner with a girlfriend; tomorrow tennis, then movies and dinner with other friends; Wednesday, swimming, then dinner with friends; Thursday, tennis; Friday, cards and lunch with friends and then another dance. My son-in-law just called and wanted to take me out for my birthday but I told him I was booked until next weekend! It's immeasureably good to have good friends and stay busy.
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Audrey said...

Happy Birthday! Your dress does fit really welland is a flattering color for you. I can see why you got complements on it.