Sunday, October 24, 2010

Slow Love Life

I've just found the most gorgeous blog: and urge everyone to run right over and add it to their "Favorites" folder.  The woman is a genius, and my style of genius...she enjoys, and notices, her life.  Every day.  And takes pictures of it for us to enjoy right along with her.  She's a generous spirit, and I'm glad to know her through the wonders of cyberspace.

See, I went last night to a "Hoedown" in Tucker, Georgia, where we learned to squaredance.  Did I think to take my camera with me?  I did not.  But Dominique Browning would have posted lots of colorful pictures to take her readers along with her to show, not tell, what a fun evening it was.  She might even have taken pictures of me spilling my wine as I tried to navigate the too-full glass back to my table.  I did my own private little dance in the hallway trying (successfully) to keep red wine from my camel-colored suede skirt.

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Janis said...

Carole, I just found your blog, and so glad I did. Thanks for the link, too.