Sunday, November 7, 2010

Neckline Redux

You can't really see the neckline in this picture; I really must figure out the feature on my camera that allows me to take pictures from across the room. My son tells me to smile more for the pictures but I feel kind of stupid smiling at myself.  This version was made from leftover fabric from DGD's cloak, so, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I like the sleeves, though, and the neckline was OK. The problem is now I have no idea which of the many pattern pieces I used.  I know the sleeves did not fit the body of the top.  I was watching my new DVDs of "Project Runway" and was so frustrated I decided I just had to "make it work" and chopped off the parts that didn't fit.  Voila, it worked...but I'll probably never be able to duplicate the process. The dance I went to tonight was themed "Gone With the Wind" and there were some spectacular lady even came,  a la Carol Burnett, with a curtain rod across her shoulders (she took it off to dance). I believe she won the contest--I hope she did. My favorite dance partner showed up so I had a great time.
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