Saturday, November 6, 2010


I'm experimenting with the CJ Basewear teeshirt and love the fit of the body. However I want a scoop neckline on it. I confidently got out my French curve and drew a new neckline, but it was a disaster. Fortunately I made the muslin in fleece and am using it as a new pajama top! This neckline is from Kwik Sew and fits better. I'll morph it onto the Basewear pattern and see what turns up. I want to wear a new top tomorrow night to a dance and I have leftover sparkly velvet from DGD's cloak to try it with. This will be a third try for a good pattern and I'm still not happy with the neckline. I want more "scoop", but I've learned not to try it myself. I'll probably just have to buy another pattern with the neckline I'm looking for and keep making "frankenpatterns". I'm pretty confident that when I get it right I can make three or four tops of different fabrics, sleeve lengths, and embellishments and have them all look very different.
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