Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Love Artisan's Square!

I was still struggling with my neckline problem for a tee shirt.  After a couple of unsatisfactory tries, I finally had a "duh!" moment and posted my problem on Artisan's Square.  The very same day, I think I have the answer:  a patten from the independent pattern company Pamela's Patterns.  Here's their description: " #107 New Necklines and Sleeves for The Perfect T-Shirt

 In this pattern you will find four new necklines - the feminine Ballet Neck, sporty Boat Neck, flattering Square Neck, and cozy Funnel Neck."  I think I would still like a deeper neckline, but this will do! 
On another note, my wonderful fabric came in.  I'm very happy with it but I find I need to pay attention to the width of the fabric I'm ordering (another duh! moment).  The black lace is even prettier than I thought it would be, but very narrow.  I'm hoping 2 yards is even enough to make a long sleeved blouse.  Meanwhile, the georgette is so hugely wide that 2 yards is at least one yard too much to make a blouse and the 2 yards will make a respectable dress.  I worry that the fabric is so heavily embellished--and it's heavy that it may be difficult to dance in---tear up my partner's hands as I twirl around.  And I twirl around a lot!

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