Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to Me!

Fabric Mart, my favorite online store, sent an email out today to announce a Christmas Day only sale... 30% off on their entire website.  For quite awhile, I've had a couple of fabrics there on my "Wish List" and this seemed to be a sign that they needed to come home.  So Merry Christmas to me!  The turquoise is a designer silk georgette destined to become the bodice of a new outfit for dancing.. The black is a border lace from Cache' for the same type of top.  Stay tuned!

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Audrey said...

That lovely sequined fabric was one of the ones I had in my cart until I forced myself to close the FFM link. It will make a wonderful sparkly bodice for a dance dress. All the dancers in your recent video looked so professional. It was fun to watch. So was your grandson's concert. I kept thinking I would much rather listen to someone practicing the xylophone than the drums that my son plays. Happy holidays!