Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ballet Neck Silver Knit

I bought some silver/grey/blue knit at Gail K's to make a skirt to match a purchased bustier.  It's not the greatest match in the world when you put it in different light, because the bustier is a cross dyed silk.  I'll probably wear it anyway, but I had enough knit to also make a simple ballet neck top.  I'm saying very little about the skirt, but I am pretty pleased that I drafted the pattern myself and it looks good:  a six gored skirt with godets, so it will dance very well!  The main focus of this post is on the neckline of the top.  I have struggled so much with necklines that I am frustrated with them.  I began the top with my TNT pattern from Christine Jonson, added the ballet neckline from Pamela's Patterns and stabilized the neckline with silk organza and lots of careful pressing.  I hope to wear it tomorrow night to a dance and will try to get pictures of it on me from the new BF...

Parting Shot:  My cat Bastet sleeping below the skirt.

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