Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is a Little Blue Dress that I made for DGD.  It's in her school colors, with short sleeves as requested, and this time I serged the skirt to the bodice on the outside.  It really doesn't look too bad that way, and I hope it makes her happy to wear such a comfortable dress to school when it's hot.  I'm looking forward to seeing her in the Peabody Ballet production in May. along with her brother.  I haven't heard what their roles will be, but I suspect somewhere along the lines of Flower #2 and Leaf #5.  Although I finally finsihed the silver knit top and skirt, I didn't wear it to the dance.  Next week I'll be at the beach, but when I come home I think there are a couple of "dressy" dances I can wear it to, before the summer "casual" dances begin.  My girlfriend Sue introduced me to a local thrift store that on Tuesdays has everything for half price.  I really scored there, paying around $2 per for white tee shirts to play tennis in, a silk tweed sport coat for BF for $3.50,  a couple of dollars each for dresses for DGD.  Why then do I sew?  For the pleasure of it, in order to justify buying more luscious material, and hopefully, someday, for the better fit!

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