Saturday, April 30, 2011

On the island!

And don't I look happy?  I think I'll use this as my profile picture to remind me of those sunshine-y days.  Meanwhile, not so much sewing has been accomplished.  I've tried to make a bodice sloper using a patternmaking book and the math is defeating me.  The shoulder is definitely not where it belongs.  Why do I do this to myself when I have a fairly good sloper already?  I am trying to reinvent the wheel.  Back to the basement sewing room to banish that effort for awhile and try a Burda pattern instead.  Wish me luck.  The good news is, my DGD loves the 3 little dresses I sent last week...
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Audrey said...

That is a great photo for your profile photo. You look so happy and relaxed. Good luck with the Burda pattern.